Fix: Oculus encountered an error during installation


If you are trying to install Oculus running OculusSetup.exe, but get an error:

“Restart Computer. Sorry, we encountered an error during installation. Please restart your computer and try running Oculus Setup again.”

Repeated Issue:

And even after you reboot, you still face this error…

Check 1:

1. Check your logs:


Replace “Abir” with your username


2. If you find lines like:

Exception deleting ‘C:\Users\Abir\AppData\Local\Temp\OculusSetup-ff4b833a-8bd3-467b-a5c1-14d1ab58a021’:

System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘DaybreakNative.dll’ is denied.


Means it needs Admin permissions.


1. First delete this folder:



C:\Program Files\Oculus

(Not just the contents.. but the full folders)

It will ask for Admin permission:

This fix will not work if both Oculus directories are not deleted properly.

2. Start installation again as Administrator:

After this, hopefully installation will continue smoothly:

And it should get installed:

Check 2:

Also, it needs about 9.18GB to install. So you should have plenty of free disk space.

3 thoughts on “Fix: Oculus encountered an error during installation”

  1. The setup leavers no folders in Users. It does create the Oculus folder where it wants to install itself, but leaves no log files anywhere. (Win7).
    Also, ran as Admin, still same error.
    It goes all the way to end, asks all device driver permissions up to Android device, after which it says Windows doesn’t trust the signature, I click continue, it continues, installs about 10GB of stuff, then exits with above message and deletes all the files installed.
    I do have a 100GB free so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Also had to start the setup with “OculusSetup.exe /bypassHotfixCheck” due to that bug of not detecting the existing windows updates.

    I really wouldn’t like to upgrade to Win10, it creeps me out.

    1. Neither will I buy a facebook product ever again, nor recommend it. I do have the same issue with windows 10.
      This software is a joke. Nonetheless, the logfiles are in AppData in your user directory, but the won’t provide any asistance to be honest. I’ve seen all the exceptions mentioned on the web. Every installation try produces a new error. So yeah, i have em all (so proud)

      The only thing that bothers me with your comment is:

      I really wouldn’t like to upgrade to Win10, it creeps me out.

      It shoudl creep you out using a unmaintained operating system, windows 7 is end of life since 3 years now, so your problem could also be malware, which i bet you have on your system. Do an upgrade or even better, switch to any linux distribution. You could use a debian flavour and install open drivers like to get your oculus running.

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