Gaming: Need For Speed Logitech G29 Map Clutch into a Handbrake

Hey guys,

I’ve been playing Need For Speed 2016 a lot and have just bought my brand new Logitech G29 Wheel to go with driving games.

If you guys have bought this wheel as well be sure to download the LGS software and download profiles for all your games:

Also if you are using it on your PC like me, make sure that the Platform Mode switch is set to PS4.

I didn’t buy the gears that we have to get separately yet. So I felt that the clutch was just sitting there with wasted potential. I had a lot of trouble pressing the handbrake button on the wheel for my drifts. So I figured why not use the clutch instead.

I tried to map the Spacebar key to the Clutch in the LGS software for NFS 2016 profile.

I followed their article here:

But that didn’t work. Somehow I think NFS’s own settings are overriding mine.

Final Solution:

Should work for all wheels, but tried for G27 and G29.

Go to Game Controls Settings in NFS 2016 or NFS Undercover or NFS Carbon. For some reason, custom mapping is not there yet for NFS Payback. But I hope they’ll add that soon.

Inside it, once you select the Wheel as a Game Controller, you can then press the Square button to do custom mappings. There just select Handbrake and then press your Clutch to map it. Works like a charm now.

For my smaller turns I use the regular brake and for my hard turns I use the Handbrake(pressing clutch). It’s made drifting so much easier now. Also if you are having trouble drifting be sure to set Wheel Operating range to 720 or maybe even 540 in the LGS Wheel Settings:

If the wheel feels too hard then set it’s sensitivity to a lot less too.

Other NFS Games:

Tried the same thing for NFS Payback and Rivals, but unfortunately custom mapping is not yet available for those yet. If you guys have any suggestions to get the Clutch working as a handbrake for them please let me know in the comments below.

Hope this helps!

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