How to get Subtitles for Sonarr and Radarr

Here’s a great tool that you can use with Sonarr. It’s called Bazarr:

It is a companion application to Sonarr and Radarr that manages and downloads subtitles. It has both Auto and Manual search features in different languages.

I’m not it’s creator.. I just love using it 🙂

If you are using Windows, just download and install the setup bazarr.exe in any folder.

Then open the app and it will open this webpage by default:

Here you can set it up. Change the port if you like. Then setup the Path Mappings for TV Shows with Sonarr and for Movies if using Radarr.

If you have multiple drives, set those up in separate lines.
Path mapping for Bazarr is separate in case you are using remote server.

Next in subtitles tab select subtitle providers. I prefer subscene and addic7ed but these require login and captcha.

You can select the subtitle location in alongside in same directory or in a directory relative to media file or your own absolute path.
Add languages you need.

The Default enabled switch toggles whether subtitles are enabled for series. Changes made to the settings will only affect newly added series.

Next enter your Sonarr details. You will need to provide URL. If on same server keep which is localhost. And provide your port and API. And Test your settings. If it can’t detect Sonarr, it will give error “Test Failed”. In that case recheck your settings. You can get your API key from Sonarr by going to Sonarr Settings -> General -> Security section. Copy that API key in Bazarr. Do the exact same steps if using Radarr.

Finally save settings and you’ll get a notification to restart. Click that restart button and it will start hunting subtitles for you.

Pretty awesome tool. Hope this guide helps you use it.

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