How to speed up slow downloads on Baidu Butler Cloud Desktop App

Baidu Cloud Butler is a great desktop app which you can use to download Baidu Cloud files.
Baidu also gives 2TB free space which is spectacular.

The only drawback of using Baidu is the very low speeds.
This guide will hopefully help you get a 300-400% increase in speed.

I’m testing on my VPS which has a max speed of 1Gbps upload and download, so its a good place to test out the max speeds I can get with Baidu.
My server is in Europe. I’ve read on several sites that people are getting great speeds in China, but in other places, speeds are very low.
The reason for this is that unlike google, Baidu does not have clouds all over the world. So, it takes data packets a lot longer to reach distant places.
So, speeds are probably even lower in the US.

Baidu Butler Cloud Testing:

I tested out various versions of the Baidu Butler apps with varying results.

For the latest Baidu Cloud Butler: v5.4.3 I’m getting a very slow speed. Only about 1Mbps – 1.5Mbps depending on time of day.
When it is night time in China, the speeds do boost up a bit – maybe 2Mbps max.
I tried the VIP user trial option and got about 4-5Mbps. So that was nice, but trial is only for 300 seconds.
But it was good to know the max I could reach even as a VIP user.

I then dug up really old versions of Baidu and found v2.0.0, 4.4.0 and tried those out.

It seems that they introduced the VIP speeds from 4.x versions, so speed for v4.x was even slower than v5.x.
Probably to get more users to sign up VIP.

But speed for the v2.0.0 was really fast. I was getting same 4-5Mbps for v2.0.0 free version.
It was the same speed as the v5.4.x VIP version’s 300seconds trial.

It did slow down a bit after running the app for several hours. So I just restarted the app and it sped up again.
So, maybe the Baidu servers have a speed check somewhere.
I don’t think it’s an IP based check, because after restarting the app I was getting good speeds again.

Also, just as soon as I installed v2.0.0, it immediately ran the app and auto-updated to the latest version 5.4.3.

So, be careful and as soon as installation is done just rename the AutoUpdate folder and the AutoUpdate.exe file inside that folder.
That should prevent the auto-update.
Baidu app is installed here:
OR short form:

Also note that the main app screen shows the download speed of only the first file.
It is allowing max 5 files to download at a time, so you need to go to the download screen to see the actual download speeds by adding them up.
Or use a tool like NetLimiter or another network monitoring tool to know the real download speed.

Here’s a download link for v2.0.0:

Modded v5.2.7
Also, someone has modded the latest v5.2.7 app to get a similar speed boost.
I tried out this modded app and was getting about 3Mbps speed. Which is great.
Because the v2.0.0 is an old version and does not have that many features.
Modded v5.2.7 has all the latest features along with this speed boost.
Here’s the link:

It is a portable app so you don’t need to install it. Just run it.

People from all over the world:
please try out the v2.0.0 and the modded v5.2.7 and let me know which country you tried it in and what speed boost you got.
Write to me in the comments section below. Also send me any questions/suggestions you might have.
Or if you have other tricks to get a speed boost from Baidu Butler, please let us all know.

8 thoughts on “How to speed up slow downloads on Baidu Butler Cloud Desktop App”

  1. been using baidu for months at pretty ok speeds till about november when the speed randomly went way down to about 10kbs so i found this post and tried the portable version and it worked for about a two months doing about 1-2mbs but today it’s gone back to the 10kbs speed 🙁

    1. Baidu has recently cracked down on speeds.

      Apparently you need to pay to get faster speeds. People started using a cracked app but those have sadly risked and failed as they have been black banned with an error code 10003.

      Some people who install the Baidu Cloud Butler App 5.5.2 will gain randomly 300 seconds of faster speeds. This is a trial of the VIP speeds.

  2. Though v 2.0.0 is slow but it’s better than download from the link directly and incomplete file from chrome’s download instead.. v 5.2.7 unable to login.. it’s require mobile login credential.. Sigh..

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