Kodi crashes because of vfs.libarchive

In this post we will discuss steps you can take to fix an issue of Kodi crash because of vfs.libarchive.

The actual debugging of finding the problem plugin is here:


Start Kodi debugging:

  • Go to Settings -> System -> Logging
  • Enable Debug Logging


Next, open your Kodi log in a text editor. I use Notepad++


Make sure your Archive plugins are installed:

Go to Addons -> Search -> Type “Archive”

Install Virtual filesystems: Archive Support

Install Virtual filesystems: RAR archive Support


Try playing a media again. And if it crashes again, go to the logs. Here it will show you which archive file is causing the problem:

Go to your Kodi cache:


And delete the archive file causing the issue.

And try playing a media again. If it fails again, means another archive file might be causing an issue. So, delete everything in this above cache folder and re-start kodi.

And it should now work fine.


Hope this helps!

Happy debugging 🙂

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