Sonarr search filter for shows like QI XL

I switched to Sonarr from Sickbeard and I’ve had a great experience so far. The only problem I faced is when I want a specific release for a particular TV Show. The best example for this is BBC’s show QI (Quite Interesting). There are 2 different kinds of episodes: One is the regular 30 min episode called just QI and another one is an extended version called QI XL. I always like downloading the XL version. But there is no setting currently in sonarr to add these 2 as separate shows. An easy workaround is to use tags:

– Go to the series page of QI in Sonarr: http://localhost:8989/series/qi
– Go to Edit Series
– Here in tags add a tag: qi (all lowercase – trust me case won’t matter later) and save
– Now go to Settings -> Indexers
– Here in Restrictions section click on the plus icon (Add new restriction)
– In tags add qi as we did before on the series page
– In Must Contain add any of the filters you want. It will match at least one word here. So you can add as many as you like. Also it’s case insensitive.
So, I’ve just added: xl
– In case you don’t want the XL version and just the smaller version, then add xl in Must not contain.
– Save and you’re done.

Tags are a great way to filter stuff out.
Say for some series you only want the RARBG releases, then just use the tags and Restrictions.

Hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “Sonarr search filter for shows like QI XL”

  1. Thanks for this. I tried it and it’s now grabbing the QI XL episodes.
    But not getting all episodes. Could it be that first it gets a non-XL episode and then sees restrictions and then skips the episode?

    Anyways very helpful info. So thanks a ton!

    1. I’m not familiar with the inner workings of Sonarr, but I don’t think it will skip searching further if it meets a restriction. Which indexers are you using for the search? Maybe the torrents on that indexer are dead?
      You can also try some private trackers. Or maybe the app Jackett with Sonarr:

      It has a whole bunch of private trackers and works well with Sonarr. You of course need accounts on these private trackers first.

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