Airtel: DTH Alacarte channel rates

Airtel DTH has started an A-la-carte system for it’s channels which I think is great because I don’t watch that many channels.
If you are like me then pick the cheapest possible SD plan. And then add HD channels to your basepack. If you like a particular broadcaster and watch many of their channels, then a broadcaster bouquet will be cheaper for you. Like “Star Hindi HD Premium” which contains 20 channels and is 140 Rs/month.

First of all see how much it will all cost in addition to your ₹153.

If you are adding too many channels then the cost might turn out to be too high compared to your current basepack. So do all the price research and additions before you change your basepack 🙂

I’m attaching the links for price lists for Alacarte and Bouquet both. Be sure to check them out:

I found these links at Airtel’s site:


If you find that the Alacarte system is cheaper then follow along…

So, here’s how you do it:

  • Login to your Airtel DTH account.
  • Click on your DTH account number.
  • Go to “Manage Connection”.
  • Click on “Change Plan” and select your base plan.
    For example, BST ROI plan which has 100 channels (a bundle of the Free to Air FTA channels) is a good one with 153 Rs/month (All channels are free, but ₹130 is the network capacity fee-NCF for 100 channels and 18 percent GST. So, ₹153). This is explained in much more detail here:
    Or if you don’t want the FTA channels but a specific pack like “MAH SD Pack” which is ₹53/month then go for that. So your total will be pack price + NCF…meaning ₹53+₹153. People of Gujarat might like “Gujarat Value Lite SD Pack” which is ₹87/month and so on… You get my point. Just keep your basepack very basic. And also note that NCF will vary based on pack. For example, Mega HD pack is ₹452 + ₹247 (NCF). So ₹699 total.
  • Now go back to the Manage Connection page and click on either “Add Broadcaster Bouquet” or “Add Alacarte”.
  • Then select the channels that you like and create your own personalized pack.

You can also use SMS to add A-lacarte channels to your existing monthly package as topups. Just SMS ADD <Channel No.> to 54325 from your registered telephone number.

If you figure out any more about this please be sure to write in the comments so it might benefit others. I hope this article helps you 🙂

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