Cronometer: How to disconnect and re connect with another google fit account

Recently I started using Cronometer app and I think that it’s google fit integration is great. But I accidentally added another google account and needed to change that. When we go into Profile on the Cronometer app, it shows
“Disconnect Google Fit” but the “Connect Google Fit” connects back to the same account. Unfortunately the only way to get another account is by uninstalling the Cronometer app:

  1. Go to Profile tab
  2. Press “Disconnect Google Fit”
  3. Uninstall cronometer app
  4. Make sure the google account you need to change to is already added on your Android phone (In Settings -> Accounts)
  5. Re-install cronometer app and login
  6. Go back to Profile and click “Connect Google Fit”
  7. You will now get all the Permission setup boxes and click “Allow” on all
  8. And finally it will ask to select a google account. Set it to the new one and you’re done.

It takes about 2 minutes to set everything up again 🙂

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