Brave Extension: “An error has occured” Access denied

Brave browser is based on Chromium browsers. So, in Brave, the chrome extensions (plugins) can be installed.

But sometimes, you might get this error while installing an extension:

“An error has occured” Access denied


“Failed – Forbidden”

You could try these steps to help fix this issue:

  • Go to “About Brave” and check if Brave is updated to the latest version or not. If not, then update it. This is the most likely solution.

  • In order to install extension, brave will redirect to URL:


So, it might also be a server issue from brave server. In this case just check in their community forums to see if everyone is facing same issue. This will usually be resolved by them in a day or so. For example, if their servers are undergoing maintenance etc. Or you can also check in github issues for the brave browser.

  • If none of these have worked, it might be a windows permissions issue. Try running Brave as an Administrator once to see if it fixes things.

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