Oculus Pending Hardware Issue Fix

If you get this error on Oculus app for Oculus Quest 2:

“You have a pending hardware issue that is preventing you from entering VR. Please check that your headset and sensor are connected”

Now if you see your Oculus Quest 2 is connecting succesfully with Oculus Link wire it should look like this:

If not, then you’ll need to re-link it. Go to Devices – Oculus Quest 2 – Device Setup

Connect Oculus Link and test connection:

After this, try running your games again. But if the problem was the controllers not being detected as connected:

Then check in mobile device app. To see if Device controllers are actually properly paired:

Go to Menu – Devices – Controllers

Both controllers should show up in the list. If they don’t then just click Pair New Controller and follow the steps.

Now make sure your Oculus link cable is properly connected and properly setup in Oculus desktop app.

Go to Oculus Quest 2 VR device – Quick Settings and click on Oculus Link. It should open up and show all Oculus desktop apps.

If controllers are paired fine but still Oculus desktop app is still giving the error, means that the problem is with the desktop app itself. And it needs to be repaired.

Go to:

C:\Program Files\Oculus

And run: OculusSetup.exe

as Administrator. It will tell you that Oculus is already installed. So click on Repair and it will re-install oculus:

Installation can take some time and you’ll get:

After this, restart your PC. Then open Oculus desktop app. And open Oculus VR quick settings. And click on Oculus Link. It will pair the device with your PC.

Oculus VR should now show all PC Oculus games. Try and open your games using Oculus VR directly.

If you need to play a steam game, make sure that Steam is updated and open. And run Steam VR.

If steam VR is not detecting the Oculus Quest 2. But instead it is looking for Vive, then you’ll see controllers like this:

In this case, restart steam VR. Also make sure that nothing related to vive is connected to your PC. Like USB, HDMI cable etc.

Only one VR’s devices should be connected to your PC at a time. If Steam VR now detects Oculus you should get:

If Oculus Link has become disconnected you might get:

So just make sure to reconnect in Oculus VR Quick settings.

If it still doesn’t find quest, then unfortunately, you’ll need to reinstall steam VR as well.

Please note that Steam VR is 1.8GB. So if you haven’t tried restarting everything, then do all other checks first.

Re-installation should be your last option 🙂

Go to Steam Library and look for Steam VR. Then click on settings icon – Manage – Uninstall:

Then re-install Steam VR. Make sure Oculus Quest 2 is still plugged in and is still detected by Oculus Desktop app. Then open Steam VR. And it should hopefully now detect it:

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