qBittorrent trackers not contacted (Ubuntu)

This post will help you debug your issues if your newly installed qBittorrent is not starting any downloads and is not connecting to any trackers:

Check 1: Firewall

Firstly find the port your qBittorrent is using:

And make sure to choose a port which is not used by any other app.


netstat -plunt

Now go to this site and check if your port is open:


If it’s closed, then add a rule in your ufw:

ufw allow 2233
ufw reload


ufw status numbered
iptables -L -n

Your rules should now be here and port should now be open.

And check the port again on the site. If it’s open now, your torrents will probably start working.

Click Force reannounce to all trackers


Check 2: IP Address and Networking Interface:

Find your network interface using ifconfig command. And select that here:

Or better, select “Any interface”

Do force reannounce again. If you have multiple IPs and you need it to bind to a specific IP, then add that in “Optional IP address to bind to”

Leave it blank otherwise.


Check 3: For Partial Announce

If some trackers are reannounced and others are announced

In qBittorrent Advanced settings make sure that both check boxes are selected:

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