How to speed up slow downloads on Baidu Butler Cloud Desktop App

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  1. L,man says:

    I will upload your Pan Baidu files on google drive or a cloud service of your choice
    No account
    No hassle
    In high speed

  2. SpeedBaidu says:

    Download from Pan.Baidu fast site

  3. anonymous says:

    The download page is not working for V2 baidu. Could you upload a new link?

  4. This Baidu Cloud and trash I do not recommend 🙁

  5. skooter says:

    been using baidu for months at pretty ok speeds till about november when the speed randomly went way down to about 10kbs so i found this post and tried the portable version and it worked for about a two months doing about 1-2mbs but today it’s gone back to the 10kbs speed 🙁

    • Linda Tess says:

      Baidu has recently cracked down on speeds.

      Apparently you need to pay to get faster speeds. People started using a cracked app but those have sadly risked and failed as they have been black banned with an error code 10003.

      Some people who install the Baidu Cloud Butler App 5.5.2 will gain randomly 300 seconds of faster speeds. This is a trial of the VIP speeds.

  6. Ling Ho says:

    Though v 2.0.0 is slow but it’s better than download from the link directly and incomplete file from chrome’s download instead.. v 5.2.7 unable to login.. it’s require mobile login credential.. Sigh..

  7. ariza says:

    Thanks Trudy for this research!

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