Sonarr search filter for shows like QI XL

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  1. Cray says:

    Thanks for this. I tried it and it’s now grabbing the QI XL episodes.
    But not getting all episodes. Could it be that first it gets a non-XL episode and then sees restrictions and then skips the episode?

    Anyways very helpful info. So thanks a ton!

    • ariza says:

      I’m not familiar with the inner workings of Sonarr, but I don’t think it will skip searching further if it meets a restriction. Which indexers are you using for the search? Maybe the torrents on that indexer are dead?
      You can also try some private trackers. Or maybe the app Jackett with Sonarr:

      It has a whole bunch of private trackers and works well with Sonarr. You of course need accounts on these private trackers first.

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