Where are my Microsoft Office EXE files

Ever have trouble finding where Microsoft puts all it’s office EXE files?
Normally when you right-click and go to properties of a shortcut file, you see it’s real location.
But suppose you right-click your outlook desktop shortcut and go to properties, all you see is the properties of that shortcut link:

For such apps, there is a simple trick to find their real location:
– Just run the application
– Start Task Manager
– Find the exe line for the application in task manager. (e.g. OUTLOOK.EXE)
– Right-click that line and go to ‘Open File Location’

That’s it. Now you’ll see the real location for where Microsoft has all the exe files installed.
e.g: On a 64-bit Windows 7 the installation folder for Office 2010 is here:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

Hope this helps!

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