How to setup Airtel Voicemail (All India)

Airtel provides a cool voicemail service for prepaid phones.

Stay in touch with your friends & family even while your phone is switched off, out of coverage, busy, or when you are not in a position to take any calls.

Voice Mail service will work in below scenarios :
Default – Not reachable/Switched Off
Optional – Busy / No Reply (we will show you how to set this up in Step 3)

This method should work for all over India phones. But we have tested it out in Gujarat circle.

Please write to us in the comments if this method works for you and for which circle. And we’ll keep updating this post circle wise.

Step 1: Activate

Dial *321*671#

Now you will get an SMS:

Voice mail service with zero rental has been activated on your airtel mobile.


To deactivate – Dial *321*673#

Step 2: Setup Voice MailBox

Now you can setup things like:

4-digit password (recommended), welcome message (recommended), mailbox name (not really useful)

Dial 52555 and you’ll hear a recorded message telling you about menu options.

These are the codes currently (might change later…who knows πŸ™‚ )

  • 4 – Change 4-digit Password
  • 7 – Hear or Change current welcome message
  • 8 – Remove current Welcome Message

I suggest you setup your password and welcome message.


Step 3: Setup Voicemail in Phone

By default, the voicemail will work when your phone is Not reachable/Switched Off.

If you also want it to work when your phone is busy or unanswered you need to setup call forwarding.

I’m describing steps for Android phones. For other phones, just read up about call forwarding.

Go to Phone app:Β 

Click on the 3-dots and open settings. Here find Call forwarding. It might be under More Settings.

Then go to Voice Call. Here a phone number might already be set in “Forward when unreachable”.

You need to set this same number in: “Forward when busy”, “Forward when unanswered” or for whichever settings you need enabled.

If you do not have a number set or your number isn’t working, then try this default number: +9152555

This should work for all circles. Let me know in the comments if it does or if you have found any alternatives for your circle.

Step 4: Test out all settings

Now find another phone and dial your number. Try out all settings…

  1. Cut the phone call
  2. Let it go unanswered for all rings
  3. Switch it to airplane mode

See if you hear your voicemail welcome message for all the scenarios that you have setup. Leave yourself interesting messages πŸ™‚

Everytime you leave a voicemail, you should get an SMS like this:

Means it worked perfectly.

And finally:

Step 5: Listen to your voicemails πŸ™‚

Dial 52555

It will ask you for your password and play all your voicemails.

You can save or delete all the messages. Codes:

  • 3: Delete
  • 4: Reply
  • 5: Save
  • 6: Previous Voicemail
  • 7: Replay Again
  • 8: Next Voicemail
  • 9: Settings

However note that you get a capacity of 30 Msgs of 60 Seconds each. So it is advisable to keep deleting the messages after you’ve heard them.

I sometimes have a problem when it asks for my password and even though I know I’ve typed a correct one, it keeps asking and gives me 3 tries. I usually just cut the phone and try again after a minute or so and it works just fine. Has happened once or twice but has always worked finally.

So, I hope this helps you guys use this amazing yet free service. Airtel rocks!

51 thoughts on “How to setup Airtel Voicemail (All India)

  1. Thank You, It is working fine.

  2. Ashwin says:


  3. Thanks, I got it done. Absolutely easy. Explained it well

  4. RaajVeer Rekwal says:

    Will it work on Xiami note 5 pro? Voicemaill activated but couldn’t hear that on call.
    It is necessary to have a unlimited plan? i have a Rs79 plan.

  5. raghu says:

    It is working in telangana

  6. Haimanti says:

    It’s not working in Kolkata

  7. Sajeesh Pillai says:

    It worked for mw

  8. Dev Summers says:

    It says, Invalid MSISDN for this circle. I’m from Buxar, Bihar.

  9. Suraj Kumar says:

    52555 is not rrachable… How to setup it. My phone is of Karnataka circle

  10. Ben104 says:

    The voicemail welcome message and leaving message can be recorded like for only 12 sec and whenever that limits exceed the audio would be inaudible. Anybody knows how to extend this limit?

  11. anonymous says:

    how to increase the ring time before it goes to voicemail. Right now it is waiting for 3 rings only before going to viocemail. ?

  12. Sim says:

    Hii can you please help me with the callback number in Bangalore. I tried a lot of thing it’s not working plzz plz help me.

    And also I set up the voicemail but my callers are enabled to listen my voice recording.amd call will get disconnect normally. Please help me it’s urgent

  13. Saif says:

    Calling +9152555 it says that the number is invalid. What to do?

    1. RISHABH JAIN says:

      It is just 52555…. don’t add +91 as prefix

  14. Amalendu Chaudhary says:


    How to check voicemail….. from another no…..
    plz help


    1. Maanav says:

      Call from another phone and dont answer the call from ur phone. Then it will go to ur voice mail and u can hear urself

    2. Saif says:

      +91 98920 98000

    3. Saif says:

      +91 98920 98000 try this number.

  15. Vaibhav says:

    Hi it is asking for a call back number followed by #, even after my call forwarding is activated to airtel given number.
    Still need the number followed by#.
    Please let me know the step.

    1. Aravind Reddy says:

      Hi Even i got the same error…Did u get any solution for that

    2. Aravind Reddy says:

      Hi Even i got the Same error….did u got any solution?

    3. Sohail says:

      I too got the same, Please tell me what to do with callback number

    4. Surya says:

      For me also same

  16. Begam nilofar says:

    Can you tell the voicemail number for Kerala plz

  17. Poojit says:

    Thanks a lot!
    I’ve now successfully set up my voicemail.

    Simple and step-by-step guide, correct information. Really appreciate it.

  18. vineethshaju says:

    Please tell me the call forwarding number of kerala

    1. Vrindha says:

      Did u got that. If yes just share.

  19. Abir Dey says:

    Please tell me voicemail members number for westbangal

  20. Worked perfectly in Pune, Maharashtra. Heartily appreciate you. Thanks

  21. NAIM ISLAM says:

    Its not working for west bengal circle.

    1. Yuvraaj Jayswal says:

      I tried this method i got notification that my request for VMS has been accepted and will activate in 12hrs it’s been 2 since no response

      1. Yuvraaj Jayswal says:

        *2 days

  22. Satyam Chadha says:

    Was Helpful!!! Thanks a lot. πŸ™‚

    1. Monodeep Dey says:

      Can you please exactly tell me the details what you did including the phone settings, would really help a lot.
      πŸ™‚ Have a nice day.
      Monodeep Dey.

  23. nishtha says:

    worked out perfectly. thanks a lot.

    1. Monodeep Dey says:

      Can you please exactly tell me the details what you did including the phone settings, would really help a lot.
      πŸ™‚ Have a nice day.
      Monodeep Dey.

    2. Jyoti says:

      Not able to delete message. please help

  24. Kirti says:

    It’s working in Rajasthan! THANKS

    1. Sachin says:

      What is the call forwarding number for Rajasthan?

  25. Heet says:

    Thanks for the guidance bro. Will surely try out your mentioned steps. Thanks again.

  26. Rajarshi Ray says:

    Does it work for postpaid as well? I want to know how to activate voicemail for the same.

    1. Melissa Fernandes says:

      Hi Rajarshi. I am using a postpaid sim. And it worked out perfectly. Follow the steps as mentioned πŸ™‚

  27. Ajinkya says:

    My voicemail works perfectly in my state but it does not work in others (Rajasthan) even when I have used the roaming number which comes with the voicemail message

  28. Gaurav naresh joshi says:

    Sir what number we add on call forwarding number.

  29. Ismail Jawwad says:

    They are asking to enter call back number followed by #. How can I get this number?

    1. Abir Pathak says:

      I think Airtel might have changed some settings now. Try 52555 or +9152555 as callback number.
      Or the number which you got in SMS when voicemail was activated. I think it depends on your circle North, West etc.
      Mine is: +919898551076 for roaming. Not sure what else this could be.
      If these don’t work maybe try calling their customer care: 121 and take help in setting it up.

  30. Rajeev Gupta says:

    Nokia 7 plus. No voicemail number was set. I fed +9152555. Doesn’t work

    1. Abir Pathak says:

      Hi. Sorry I haven’t tried with any Nokia phones. Only tried on Samsung and Oppo.
      But this method shouldn’t be phone dependent.
      Maybe something’s not enabled in your airtel account.
      You could try customer care and ask them if it’s an airtel acc problem or a phone problem. They might know if other users with Nokia have had similar issues.

  31. Sekhar says:

    I cant call to 52555..
    Call disconnecting

  32. MD RAYAZ says:


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