Sonarr: Download Torrent Client on Remote Server Seedbox

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  1. Mazus says:

    Thanks for this guide.
    I’m using GoodSync, works fine with a scheduled task that runs every day, but once Sonarr moves a downloaded episode to its folder from my local sync directory, Goodsync will download it again the next day since its missing now… The file is still present on my remote drive since its seeding, but I don’t want it to be copied every day until ratio is reached. How did you managed to do this ?
    By the way I’m not sure my indexer was properly configured at that moment, but sonarr isn’t removing the torrent even though ratio is reached and torrent marked as “Finished” is there any other option I have to set in sonarr ?


    • Mazus says:

      Ok, for last part, I found out the “remove” option from sonarr wasnt activated, just checked it and sonarr did the work immediately 🙂

  2. Goodwin says:

    If both machines local and remote running linux then use the lftp script from here

    LFTP Script – Sonarr/Radarr Moving Partial Downloads? Here’s what I did to resolve that 🙂 from seedboxes

    Easiest way.

  3. astra says:

    Has anyone else noticed that after running for sometime GoodSync gets really slow speeds.
    I’m not using GoodSync Connect. I’m using direct FTP in free GoodSync Version.

    • Dev says:

      I didn’t notice speed problems. But goodsync doesn’t provide proper resume. I got an error:
      “Connection was aborted due to timeout or other failure”
      Then when I started sync again, file started back from 0%.
      FTP tools like Filezilla provide resume even on connection timeout or other errors.

      Anytime I try to download a large 5GB or more file, I get timeout error.
      Filezilla running at same time doesn’t fail, means my internet connection was fine.
      This happened a lot, so I stopped using it. I’m using winscp script for sync now. It works well.

  4. Spidey says:

    Thank you. Wonderful guide. Exactly what I was looking for.
    I managed to get ExpanDrive and WebDrive and am uploading their free versions on Mega.
    Let me know if links go dead and I’ll re-upload.

    ExpanDrive 26.8 MB:!2Zs1xAgJ!UtmnnpmB1A4nV2IT09uY_85aD9eL08GB0D-8ip8R7oI

    WebDrive V12.10.4082 x32 & x64_Cracked.rar 47.3 MB:!2Y1zzQAb!Z2aDKwu3xg2vmAVNKuFdK3sDxWQ7l9u8oARCe36csEQ

    Like you suggested I tried WebDrive. Works like a charm.

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